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Client Appreciation, Milestone Events, Team Building

This unique upscale executive entertainment is ideal for building lasting relationships with clients or associates, motivating staff, celebrating the launch of a new product, or marking a special occasion.  All events are customized to your needs and budget.  Whether your group is 10 or 200, OUI DRAM will work closely with you to create a truly memorable event.  Contact us: (613) 327-1495 or



Celebrations, Parties, Holiday Events

Why not let the warm ambiance of a OUI DRAM whisky tasting enhance your special day?  OUI DRAM hosts private events to celebrate Birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and other special occasions.  We can coordinate your event in the privacy of your own home or work with your favourite restaurant or caterer to deliver a memorable experience that your guests will be talking about for years.  Contact us: (613) 327-1495 or



Charities, Private Groups, Great Causes

OUI DRAM teams up with private groups, clubs, non-profits and charitable organizations to host whisky tasting events and themed fundraisers.  Your event is limited only by your imagination... celebrate traditional cultural events like Robert Burns Dinners, St. Patrick's Day, or New Year's Eve (Hogmany).  OUI DRAM offers Charities and Non-profits a rare and unique evening to entertain patrons while simultaneously raising funds for your cause!  Contact us: (613) 327-1495 or




Host Private Events, Train Bar Staff,

Attract New Patrons

OUI DRAM partners with local bars, pubs and restaurants to co-host themed whisky tasting events for the public and private parties, and to conduct instructional sessions for serving staff.  With a OUI DRAM whisky tasting you can raise the profile of your establishment, attract new patrons, showcase your food offerings, and optimize slow periods or "down" times.  Let us show you how!  Contact us: (613) 327-1495 or

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